Free things

free things

Are you looking for cool free things which you can use to impress your friends? The internet is home to plenty of up and coming companies that are willing to offer their products for free to promote their business. Some just believe that products that don’t cost them much to make should be free to the public. Whether you are looking for gifts or something that will make your day easier, there are plenty of websites which are full of cool products that will make your day a little bit more interesting.

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Free stuff to read

free stuff to read

Are you one of those who take even less than a week to complete a 1000-page novel? Then, you are a confirmed bookworm. Though this is a good habit, it can play havoc with your finances. After all, bestsellers do not come cheap and you have to part with a significant portion of your income every month to buy them and add to your collection. That is why it is always advisable to go for free books. If you are thinking such freebies do not exist, you are highly mistaken. Free stuff to read is readily available for free and you can not only read but also download them and keep them forever. Continue Reading

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Free stickers online

free stickers online

Just about everyone loves stickers, whether it’s for a car or for refrigerators they enhance the beauty of the object. If you are interested in some stickers, you are going to love these free samples of Stickers.

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Women freebies

women freebies

Buying feminine products can be challenging since you do not always know which one would be ideal for you. Just because a particular brand has worked for your friend does not mean it would be perfect for you too. Your requirements might be totally different and therefore going for the same feminine brand would not be a wise choice. In such a scenario, what can be the solution? You can solve this problem by going for free sample packs. These packs of women freebies can not only help you make the right choice but also save some money in the process.

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Free stuff for kids

free stuff for kids

There are already so many things to worry about in this world, add to that the high cost of raising children and you have something that is a real worry for most parents. It’s always nice when you can find a way to save money while keeping them happy, entertained and hopefully learning something.
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free samples

Finding Free Samples by Mail with NO Surveys!

When we say free samples by mail no surveys, we mean it. Nobody wants to take the time and effort to fill out pages of survey questions to get freebies so we don't post them. Plus, those offers are usually not legitimate anyway. The offer that we post are ones that have very easy sign up forms and those with no surveys that we trust. We have been doing this free sample thing since 2007 so we do have a pretty good eye for finding the real deal. Offers we try to avoid posting are facebook freebies, since we cannot always count on the company offering them because sometimes what they really want is to get likes on their pages. We also try not to post offers that will at any time ask for a credit card.

Why are Free Samples by Mail Given Out? is your one stop shop for free samples by mail, coupons, and other possible saving opportunities. Some may question why free stuff is giving out? Well, there are several great explanations why companies or organizations would give out free samples by mail. Companies want to get some publicity for their brand new products, what better way than offering something free and then ending up on a website like ours. It is also possible that a company is offering a sample of an established product just to try to get consumers to switch away from their completion. Organizations often times offer free stuff in the mail to promote important causes. There are even more reasons why stuff may be given away legitimately. At Active Free Samples, we really want to make visitors of our site happy and only post links to free offers that we expect will be sent. After all, you don't want to give a company your mailing and email address for nothing!

Where Do These Freebies Come From?

The obvious answer to this question is wrong, they do not come from their mommies! That was a joke. These free samples by mail do not come from us either. What we and all other "free stuff sites" do is search the internet for offers and when we find them we post them. We like to think of ourselves as being more selective than the other sites out there. When you click on a link you are directed to a brand new site, not ours. There is where you fill out the information in order to attain the offer. never collects your information. Once you fill out the information to the the freebie, it is up to the company with the online offer to fulfill the request. Honestly, even when we sign up for the free offer we don't receive all of them. I would say we successfully acquire 4 out of 5 through the mail. Not perfect, but hey, it's free!

We know that finding free samples on the internet isn't too hard and it is very rewarding. Sometimes however, the companies giving out the free samples by mail have a limited inventory of freebies so one must act fast for some of them. We do our best to post the new offers as soon as they become available. To help you become aware of new updates on our site we have a freebie newsletter you can access on the top right portion of our page. This email will never contain advertisments, just the new posts on our site. What do you have to lose? Unsubscribing is very easy if you choose, a link for the unsubscribe is contained in every email.